Wisconsin Public Radio Association

The mission of the WPRA is to support Wisconsin Public Radio by engaging in cooperative fundraising, stewardship, and advocacy.


The WPRA is conducting elections for five board members. The period of the election is from Friday, June 24 to Friday July 15. WPRA members will be sent an email with voting instructions, their member ID and a randomly generated PIN. You may click through to wpra.org/elections to see biographical information about the candidates, and, if a board member from your region is standing for election, you may vote. To vote you will need your WPRA member ID and randomly generated PIN sent you by email. If the WPRA does not have an email address for you, you will be sent a paper ballot, your member ID and randomly generated PIN. Questions: call WPR Listener Services at 800-747-7444.


The Board of the Wisconsin Public Radio Association currently meets five times each year in: September; November; January; March (if needed); and May.

Want to contact the WPRA board with a comment or question?

You may contact us by email at board@wpra.org or write to us at:

Wisconsin Public Radio Association
821 University Avenue
Madison, WI  53706