Wisconsin Public Radio Association
Board of Directors Meeting
Date: Thursday, September 12, 2019
Time: 11:00 am - 2:45 pm
Location: The Fluno Center, Room 219, 601 University Ave., Madison
11:00 am     Welcome and Roll Call of Board Members
11:05 am     Public Comment Period (5 minutes per person, up to 15 minutes total)
11:20 am     Approval of Consent Agenda: May 23, 2019 Draft Minutes; FY19 Draft and July FY20 Financials; Director's Report; Board Liaison's Report; Committee Reports 
11:25 am     Board Chair's Report: Welcome and Seat New Board Members; Announce Committee Appointments; Complete Conflict of Interest Forms; WPRA Board Books;
Review Board Evaluation Spreadsheet
11:40 am     Director's Report
11:45 am     Board Liaison's/Chief Development Officer's Report
11:50 am     Review FY19 Preliminary Results
12:00 pm     Lunch
12:30 pm     WPRA Welcomes Friends of WPT Board Chair
12:40 pm     Advocacy Update
12:50 pm     WPR Spotlight: To The Best Of Our Knowledge (TTBOOK)
1:50 pm       Break
2:00 pm       WPM and UW-Madison Transition Update
2:10 pm       WPM Spotlight: Radio Engineering and Infrastructure
2:45 pm       Adjourn