Wisconsin Public Radio Association
Board Retreat
Date and Time:  Thursday, September 20 from 12:30-4:00pm and Friday, September 21 from 8:30-11:00am
Location: Room 203, The Fluno Center, 601 University Avenue, Madison
Thursday Agenda
12:30 pm    Welcome and Roll Call
12:35 pm    Public Comment Period (5 minutes per person, up to 15 minutes total)
12:50 pm    Approval of Consent Agenda
1:00   pm    Board Chair's Report
1:10   pm    Director's Report
1:15   pm    Board Liaison/Chief Development Officer's Report
1:20   pm    Action Items--Approval of Investment Policy Checklist and Affiliation Agreement; Modification of 2018 Board Corporate Resolution
1:30   pm   Review FY18 Preliminary Results
1:40   pm   Review and Acceptance of July FY19 Financial Statements
1:45   pm   Revenue Report Update
1:55   pm   Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) Update
2:20   pm   Capital Update
2:25   pm   Break
2:35   pm   WPR Transition and Wisconsin Public Media Update
2:45   pm   Policy Review Sub-committee Update
3:05   pm   Board Evaluation Spreadsheet Review
3:25   pm   Audience by the Numbers
4:00   pm   Adjourn
Friday Agenda
8:30   am    Welcome and Roll Call
8:32   am    WPR Spotlight: Studio Rebuild
9:10   am    Break
9:20   am    WPR Spotlight: News and Public Affairs Coverage
11:00 am    Adjourn