Wisconsin Public Radio Association
Board of Directors
Board Governance Committee Meeting Agenda
Day and Date: Wednesday, March 11, 2020          
Time: 2:00 - 3:30 pm
Location: Radio Hall 152, 975 Observatory Drive, Madison
-Approval of January 16, 2020 Minutes (Action Item)
-Update on PBS Wisconsin Election Process
-Discussion and Recommendation to WPRA Board re: Bylaw Amendments (Action Item)
  • Finalize recommendations to Board: (1) on forms of Bylaw amendments on (a) quorum provision for member meetings and (b) allowing for member action by written ballot; and (2) on calling special meeting of Board to take action on those amendments
  • Finalize recommendations to Board: (1) on form of Bylaw amendment to director election provisions; and (2) on authorizing written ballots or calling meeting of members to take action on that amendment
  • Finalize recommendations to Board for amendments addressing: (1) requirements for membership; (2) quorum for committee meetings; and (3) officer term limits, for Board action at the special meeting or at the next regular meeting in May
-FY21 WPRA Director Election Update (Action Item)
-FY21 WPRA Officers (Action Item)
-Review Board Evaluation Spreadsheet
-Initial Review of 2019 Board Survey Responses
-Subjects for Consideration at Next Meeting
-Set Day, Date, Time, and Location for Next Meeting